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SonichenĀ and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of Sonichu and Rosechu is a fantasy based novel series currently under development with the most imaginative characters.

Artistic development utilizing various manga source materials will continue. To help facilitate the long overdue development of basic freehand drawing skills, a subsidiary website (myartgallery) has been set up.

For the time being, the focus will be on novel development. Other pages will be filled in.

To read the novel on this website please scroll down to the table below the graphic

SonichenĀ and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of Sonichu and Rosechu





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Completion Status Illustrations

Completion Status - Writing

Publishing Status Cover Picture

Publishing Status Illustrations

Publishing Status Writing



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Published on Web

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Section 1


Not Completed

Not Completed

Published on Web

Not Completed

Not Completed

Section 2





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